Top 30 Best Fashion Designers In The World

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Many well-known fashion brands have had a difficult year, yet there has been a surge of new talent. The profusion of interesting new designers, ranging from recent Central Saint Martin’s graduates to reality TV competition winners, were our brightest lights in what had been a rather dismal year.

A few were able to gain recognition through Netflix, while others gained attention through celebrity endorsements such as Kylie Jenner.

Many are still learning how to run their businesses, have launched their brand during an international pandemic — but they all possess exceptional skills that have made them stand out in the industry.

We gained a better grasp of what fashion is and what it may be in the future thanks to the efforts of these creatives, whether their companies have been established for a few years or a few months.

30. Emma Chopova and Lauren Lowena

Source: suitcasemag

With items from the collection getting worn at Fashion Weeks across the globe (including by Harry Styles in his now-iconic Vogue pictorial), Chopova Lowena, the design duo’s label, has emerged as one of the year’s most prominent breakouts.

Chopova and Lowena were nominated for the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers this year for their patchwork skirts, which have swiftly become bestsellers at Dover Street Market and Matches.


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29. Minju Kim Korean Designer

Minju Kim Korean Designer

Source: maisontrendy

With her success on Netflix’s design competition program Next in Fashion, Minju Kim kicked out the new year on a high note, immediately establishing herself as a household name.

Since her meteoric climb to fame, the South Korean designer has published two successful collections on Net-A-Porter, both of which have her distinctive subdued tone palettes, romantic volumes, and feminine embellishments, among other elements.

28. Mowalola Ogunlesi is a Nigerian Designer

Mowalola Ogunlesi is a Nigerian Designer


Because of the daring and gender-fluid designs created by Ogunlesi’s eponymous brand Mowalola after graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2017, the brand has become well-known.

It is no surprise that the Nigerian-born designer’s creations are continually inspired by the 1970s and psychedelic music and that her works make several statements that are sensual and subversive — such as her bullet wound dress, which was worn by Naomi Campbell.

When she was revealed as the creative director for YZY Gap, the 25-year-old rapidly became a household figure in the fashion industry.

27. Steven Stokey-Daley is a British Designer

Steven Stokey-Daley Designer


With the help of none other than Harry styles, British fashion designer Steven Stokey-Daley experienced one of the most unforgettable fashion moments of the year. Styles’ billowing shirt and flowered pants in the singer’s “Golden” music video were designed by S. S. Daley, the company that bears his surname. The University of Westminster graduate’s made-to-order business approach guarantees that his products are both trendy and environmentally friendly, and we look forward to seeing more of his work as his company continues to expand in popularity.

26. Supriya Lele is a British-Indian designer

supriya lele is a british indian designer

Source: realnewshub

Supriya Lele, a British-Indian designer, regularly merges her cultural roots with grunge style, resulting in designs that are both contemporary and evocative of rock ‘n’ roll history.

Having made her runway debut at London Fashion Week in 2017, the designer’s career trajectory has only continued to rise as the popularity of her twisted sheer gowns has grown (as seen on Dua Lipa and Kendall Jenner).

This year, she also achieved success as a design pioneer, as she was named a finalist for the LVMH Prize for Design Innovation in 2020.

25. Andrea Broca is an American Designer

Andrea Broca is an American Designer


Andrea Broca is a relatively new face in the fashion industry — the designer graduated from Central Saint Martins in London last spring — but she has already achieved a slew of notable achievements in her short time in the industry.

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At just 16 years old, Broca was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “World’s Youngest Couturier” after launching his shop in Dubai. His graduation collection, which included enormous dresses, fitted corsets, and dramatic draping (some of which went to Lady Gaga), has swiftly become one of the year’s most acclaimed couture lineups.

24. Robert Wun is a British designer

Robert Wun designer


Robert Wun, a British designer who focuses on sculptural and exquisite items, founded his eponymous line in 2014, but it wasn’t until 2020 that he got significant popularity.

It is possible to see Wun’s East Asian roots in all of his creations, whether it is via pleated skirts or balloon-sleeved blouses.

As a forward-thinking designer, it’s only natural that Wun is involved in similar endeavors; he was recently featured on the new digital fashion channel Culted, which is dedicated to emerging talent.

23. Jedidiah Duyile is a Nigerian Designer

Jedidiah Duyile Designer

Source: asiaposts

This year, Jedidiah Duyile’s Loud Brand Studios went viral nearly immediately — albeit it came close to not happening at all. One of Duylie’s outfits was worn by Kylie Jenner, who did not initially credit the company on her Instagram account.

Everything on the Loud brand’s website sold out within minutes, sparking an ongoing discussion over the necessity of celebrities labeling the companies who make their apparel.

Since then, the Loud brand has gained widespread recognition for its approach to bright, tight separates and provocative dresses, as well as for providing a platform for Black women to feel empowered.

22. Colleen Allen is an American Designer

Colleen Allen is an American Designer


Colleen Allen’s dystopian ensembles made an impact this season during New York Fashion Week, after making their debut in a digital film during the Spring 2021 presentations in New York City.

Central Saint Martin’s graduate, who previously studied at Parsons and worked under Wes Gordon, created her first exhibition in computer-generated imagery (CGI) (though the clothes are real).

Allen’s virtual presentation included utilitarian coats, sheer tops, and oversized suiting, positioning him as a disruptor in the fashion industry when it comes to combining technology and fashion.

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21. Brandon Blackwood is an American Designer

Brandon Blackwood is an American Designer


Brandon Blackwood has received a great deal of attention this year as an important designer to keep an eye on in the accessory world.

After countrywide civil rights demonstrations, the Jamaican-Chinese designer’s celebrity soared in 2020 when his “End Systematic Racism” small totes were released in response to the events.

They went viral very immediately after receiving further advertising from Kim Kardashian West, and are now often sold out. Keep a lookout for Blackwood’s next release — as well as all of his future works.

20. Sohee Park is a Korean Designer

Sohee Park Korean Designer


Sohee Park, a Central Saint Martin’s graduate who graduated in the middle of a worldwide epidemic, has emerged as a remarkable graduate for the class of 2020.

After working as an intern at Marc Jacobs and Molly Goddard, the Korean designer’s colorful, whimsical designs inspired by flowers have become immediately recognizable because of their voluminous sleeves and vibrant color palette.

Recently, she designed dresses that featured on the cover of LOVE magazine and were worn by Miley Cyrus, and she collaborated with Christian Cowan on a dress for his Spring 2021 show, further solidifying her position as a rising fashion star.

19. Adebayo Oke-Lawal is a Nigerian Designer

Adebayo Oke-Lawal is a Nigerian Designer


Orange Culture, designed by Adebayo Oke-Lawal, had its runway premiere at New York Fashion Week last year and has been making forceful statements ever since.

In Oke-collections, Lawal’s the designer’s Nigerian ancestry is weaved into the designs’ vibrant hues and androgynous streetwear, making it a powerful statement of the designer’s past and future.

Because of this, the fashion industry has taken note; last autumn, Orange Culture was one of the companies picked up by The Folkore, which has now been carried over into its new relationship with Far fetch.

18. Daniel W. Fletcher is an American Designer

Daniel W. Fletcher is an American Designer

Source: theguardian

A graduate of Central Saint Martins, Daniel W. Fletcher has worked in the fashion industry for some years, and his namesake label has already drawn the attention of celebrities like Harry Styles and Tommy Dorfman (of Harry Styles & the Daft Punks fame).

Fletcher’s modern unisex designs garnered even more media exposure as he co-starred in Next in Fashion with Minju Kim, and he most recently collaborated with Choose Love to create a T-shirt to raise funds and awareness for displaced Syrian refugees.

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17. Maisie Schloss is an American Designer

Maisie Schloss is an American Designer

Source: chicagotribune

Schloss, a graduate of Yeezy’s first incubator award, creates vibrantly patterned slip-dresses and transparent tops for her brand Maisie Wilen, which she founded in 2015.

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North and Kim Kardashian West have both been seen wearing her Y2K-inspired outfits since she debuted her eponymous collection (called after her mother’s maiden name), which she launched in 2011.

She made news earlier this year with her Spring 2021 digital presentation at New York Fashion Week, and she has just launched her online store on Depop.

16. Johannes Boehl Cronau is a German Designer

Johannes Boehl Cronau is a German Designer

Source: fashionfoodcocktails

For his label Ioannes, German designer Johannes Boehl Cronau takes inspiration from diverse cultures and travels to places like Japan, Italy, and the Middle East regularly.

After completing his undergraduate studies at Parsons’ Paris branch, Cronau was accepted into the Womenswear Design Master’s Program at Central Saint Martins, where Ioannes was born.

Ioannes’ simple creations were so well received that he was soon signed to Net-A-Porter, where his Vogue T-shirt swiftly became a best-seller.

15. Edvin Thompson is an American Designer

Edvin Thompson is an American Designer


Edvin Thompson, a designer based in Brooklyn, came up with the idea for Theophilio. Since launching his label in 2016, Thompson’s designs for Theophilio have always included obvious references to his Jamaican roots, as well as the use of repurposed materials wherever possible.

Migration, his most recent collection, was displayed in September during the inaugural digital New York Fashion Week and was accompanied by a short video that paid respect to his childhood home in the Philippines.

14. Elliss Solomon’s is an American Designer

Elliss Solomon's is an American Designer

Source: londontheinside

Elliss Upon graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2016, Solomon established her fashion label, Elliss. Solomon’s designs, which are all manufactured using nontoxic dyes at local manufacturers in her hometown of London, reflect her commitment to environmental sustainability.

Solomon’s most recent collection, which is distinguished by its vibrant collage and patchwork motifs, was released only a few weeks ago.


13. Kika Vargas is a Colombian Designer

kika vargas

Source: sheerluxe

Kika Vargas is a Colombian fashion designer who divides her time between Madrid, New York, and her hometown of Bogota, all of which act as major inspirations for her collection.

A year after graduating from the Institute Marangoni in Milan, the Colombian designer founded her label.

Her collections generally contain theatrical items like shirts and dresses with exaggerated puffed sleeves, which are commonly worn with high-low skirts.

This year, Vargas’ fame soared even further during Fashion Week as a result of his participation in Bergdorf Goodman’s BG Radar program, which promotes rising talent via the store’s inventory, displays, and publication.

12. Maryann Msengi is an American Designer

maryann msengi is an american


The Farai London collection, designed by Maryann Msengi and launched in July, went viral almost immediately after being seen on Kylie Jenner.

After gaining traction throughout the summer season, her separates, bodysuits, and dresses have maintained traction due to their figure-hugging designs and brilliant hues.

It’s also possible to trace influences from the early 2000s and overseas travel in elements like plunging necklines and cutouts, which may be seen in the designs of Msengi.

11. Petar Petrov is a Russian Designer

Petar Petrov is a Russian Designer


Petar Petrov, another BG Radar honoree, makes pieces that are both feminine and flexible in their design.

In his most recent Pre-Fall 2021 collection, the Vienna-born designer showcases lots of tailored pieces and voluminous separates in casual shapes, for which he has become well-known.

Textiles such as knit dresses, straight-leg pants, and flowing skirts were all included in Petrov’s current collection, which was shown to the fashion world via an internet video.

10. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani


Best Fashion Designers Giorgio Armani, who has been recognized because the 1st red carpet fashion designer, and is very popular for his menswear inventions, that captivated each man’s want across the world.

When launching his own business in 1975, Armani created several majestic suits for football athletes and Italian Olympians and even clothed Bruce Wayne within the Dark Night in 2008.

Amazingly, Armani also drafts many of lady Gaga’s dress for several high- profile events like the MTV and Grammy Awards. according to Forbes, Armani’s net value is $8.6 billion. One of the well known and Best Fashion Designers In The World.




Jewish designer Marc Jacobs made to that to the list of Time magazine’s list of “100 influential people in the world”. before launching his own style label, Jacobs was the creative designer of Louis Vuitton.

The American designer’s first creation was knit sweaters that were a runaway.

His label named brandy Jacobs and “diffusion line” brandy encompasses a presence in 80 countries. Jacobs is the youngest recipient fashion’s industry’s most honored Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Perry Ellis Award for “New Fashion Talent”. He is one of Best Fashion Designers In The World.


donatella versace


One of the forerunners in the fashion industry, Donatella Versace couturier fashion designer clothes designer is one among the best glorious female designers who have taken the planet by storm with her brand Versace.

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She has business comprising Demi Moore, Jenifer Lopez, Courtney Love and plenty of different A-list celeb who she is friends with very on the point of her deceased brother designer, the perfume line named Blonde was launched by him thereby creating her have a diffusion label.


tom ford


Tom Ford began his fashion career after badgering American designer Cathy Hardwick for a job in her company, despite concealing the fact that his degree was in design and not fashion style.

Thomas Carlyle Tom Ford, within 2 years of being declared as the artistic director of Gucci, increased the company’s sale by 90th He launched his own Tom Ford in 2006.

He soon felt the need to exit the American fashion business and entered the European market, claiming it was looked down upon to be trendy in America. He found himself working for Gucci as the brand’s women’s ready-to-wear designer.

At the time, Gucci was seen as a faltering whole that was suffering an extreme downfall. throughout his time there, Ford became Gucci’s inventive director and quickly increased their sales by 90th, and taking the company from near bankruptcy to being the price in way over $10 billion.

In 2004, he created his own line under the ‘Tom Ford’ label. Amongst his achievements is dressing Daniel Craig for all of his Bond outings.

Ford dropped out of school twice before concentrating on acting in TV commercials where he was on high demand. At one time his dashing appearance and charming manners brought his work from twelve advertising campaigns at the same time. He is one of the greatest fashion designers of all time.

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Source: museeyslparis

A trendsetting fashion designer, Laurent as a child liked cutting complex patter and make dolls out of them. Once he was a teen, he began planning dresses for his mother and sisters. At 18 he listed into the Chamber Syndicale de la high fashion wherever his unique styles immediately gained him recognition.

Soon once he meets the large of the style world, pattern Dior couturier fashion designer clothes designer and at 21 Laurent was named as the head designer of the House of Dior. His spring collection saved the enterprise from financial disaster and brought international high status for Laurent.




Calvin Klein (CK) is known and popular almost all over the brand by everyone. In 1968 this whole was supported by Calvin Klein, a famed Yankee dressmaker.

He initiated his career by opening a store of men and women coats in New York. Since then, he hasn’t looked behind and has expanded his business with an incredible pace and has been ruling the style business very strongly.

He really deserves to be the number one fashion designer within the world 2012.






Chanel’s initial triumph came with the innovative use of jersey fabric. Once only used for undergarments, she began producing it for use in skirts, jackets, and a pullover top.

This quickly became the casual look in cheap women’s wear, being each sensible nonetheless modern. Chanel not only revolutionized fashion, however she had a hand in making even suntans popular.

Once thought-about a mark of those unfortunate enough to own to work outside, Chanel turned these into a logo of a leisurely life and privilege – a trend continuing to this day.


duro olowu


Despite being a lawyer by profession, fashion was Olowe’s, first love. during his career, he has bagged varied awards any raising his profile within the world fashion industry.

In 2005, he was the primary designer to be named New Designer of the Year at London Fashion Week without staging a catwalk show. At the African Fashion Awards in 2009, he was named the best International Designer and was one of the six nominees for the Swiss Textile Federation’s prime prize of 100,000 Euros.

Each British and American Vogue in 2005 named his waist patchwork “Duro,” as the “Dress of the Year.” one amongst Olowe’s famous quotes is, “My job isn’t dictating to girls what they ought to wear; it’s presenting them with lovely choices.”


Ade bakare


Ade Bakare is an established Nigerian fashion designer whose impeccable African styles have caused ripples around the globe. Having been within the rag trade for 2 decades, his super elegant styles are fashionable, creating him a household name in each African country and London.

His work could be a good example of female sophistication.

Baker’s work has been showcased around the world in places like big apple, Vienna, Mozambique, Morocco, Paris, and urban center. apart from having various English personalities and celebrities wearing his items, he also has 1st women, senators, and minister’s wives as clients.

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