Top 10 Largest Fertilizer Companies In The World

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The production of fertilizer is a vital component of the agricultural business, which in turn has a sizeable influence on the economy of the whole globe.

It is a worldwide business with manufacturing taking place in a variety of nations throughout the world. The condition of the soil may be improved as well as the growth of plants and crops by using fertilizers.

They provide nutrients that the soil itself is incapable of producing on its own. The use of fertilizers extends back to ancient times when farmers learned that increasing the amount of manure or other organic waste (such as leaves) on their fields increased the amount of food that could be harvested from such fields.

In all aspects of agricultural production, fertilizers are an essential component. Fertilizers serve an essential purpose that cannot be neglected if one wants to increase either the yield or the productivity of their crops.

The correct application of fertilizer in the appropriate amount may increase output by a factor of ten, which can lead to remarkable results in the end.

Even though there are numerous fertilizer companies operating in different parts of the globe and all of them claim to be able to satisfy the requirements that farmers have, very few of them can really be trusted. In the year 2022, we will take a look at the leading fertilizer firms throughout the globe.

It would just take a little amount of fertilizer applied to the field in order to help meet the high demand for food throughout the world.

It should come as no surprise that the fertilizer supplements listed below have increased in value and, as a result, have risen to the top of the list for the top ten loads.

These are the world’s 10 largest fertilizer companies as of 2022.

10.  SAFCO

Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Company

Source- Wikipedia

SAFCO, which stands for the Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Enterprise, was the first petrochemical corporation in the kingdom when it was established in 1965.

It was created as a cooperative endeavor between inhabitants of the nation and the government of the country, with the aim of improving food output via shared financing as the primary motivation for its inception.

It made a significant advance at the time, and throughout the course of its history, it has established itself as one of the most successful fertilizer companies in the whole globe.

They make sure the things they sell are of high quality, as well as the satisfaction of their clients and the protection of their shareholders’ interests.

In all forms of agriculture, the use of fertilizers is an important component. The use of fertilizers is essential in achieving either the desired increase in yield or the desired improvement in productivity.

Even though there are a great number of fertilizer firms operating in different parts of the globe and promising to meet the requirements of farmers.



9.  K+S


Source- Alchetron

K+S AG is a German chemical company that was once known as Kali and Salz GmbH. Its headquarters are located in Kassel. In addition to being the biggest provider of chemical fertilizer and potash in the world, it is also one of the most important manufacturers of salt in the whole globe.

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K+S AG is a global producer and supplier of a variety of other essential minerals, including magnesium and sulfur, with a primary concentration in the markets of Europe, North America, and South America.

The company was established in 1889, and over the years it has bought and merged with a number of other smaller fertilizer enterprises, culminating in one gigantic organization that deals in the trading of essential fertilizers and chemicals.



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8.  CF Industries

CF Industries

Source – Wikipedia

CF Industries, which are almost 70 years old, have shown its value by producing some of the most effective chemicals and fertilizers, which have increased both the output and productivity of produce.

The firm is able to provide remarkable service while also trading high-quality products, whether those products include nitrogenous, potash, or phosphorus compounds.

People have developed a trust in the great quality and high-end results of their fertilizers and chemicals, which has led to increased dependency on these products.

They offer a long list of agricultural and industrial items that have been tested extensively, and the results show that they have a high rate of performance overall.

The corporation has nine manufacturing complexes all over the globe and possesses storage, transportation, and distribution networks that are unmatched in the United States of America, Canada, North America, and the United Kingdom.


7.  BASF



Source-Agricultural news

With the slogan “We Create Chemistry,” BASF has developed into a potentially successful fertilizer and chemicals business. The firm has ensured that all of its products continue to be of the highest quality and are flawless.

They provide a broad range of basic, secondary, and tertiary nutrients, in addition to important chemicals that are required to stimulate the development of crops.

In addition to this, they make sure that the items are ecologically friendly and risk-free. In addition to the chemicals, they provide services in a variety of other agricultural subfields.

In addition to their dependability, the crop production products manufactured by BASF provide both excellent quality and output. They also operate in the field of agricultural nutrition in addition to animal nutrition.



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6.  Uralkali PJSC


Source- Wikipedia

Uralkali PJSC is a Russian fertilizer company that has surpassed every other fertilizer company in the nation. The company has its headquarters in Russia.

It is the most important merchant and provider of fertilizers and chemicals in a lot of the world’s areas. The most important markets for the fertilizers produced by this corporation are Brazil, India, China, Southeast Asia, Russia, the United States of America, and Europe.

It has lately been one of the most significant sectors since it has been able to deliver a product of high quality and has, as a result, been successful in establishing a robust position in the market.

The country’s potash ores and deposits place it in second place among all countries in this regard. The company manufactures granular and standard potassium chloride (KCI), as well as granular and standard sodium chloride (NaCl), and carnalite.

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5.  Israel Chemicals


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Israel Chemicals Ltd. is a multinational chemical manufacturing firm that manufactures high-quality goods such as fertilizers and other chemicals relevant to the industry, and the corporation has stated that output has significantly increased.

The firm, which provides its services to a diverse variety of businesses and is more often referred to as ICL, primarily focuses on providing support to the agricultural, food, and engineered product sectors.

In addition to producing fertilizers of the highest quality, the firm also manufactures chemicals such as bromine in such large amounts that it is responsible for providing over a third of the world’s bromine supply.

Additionally, it is the sixth biggest producer of potash in the whole globe. The activities of the ICL are overseen by the Israel Corporation, which is one of the most important businesses in Israel.



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4.  Yara International

Yara International

Source- Wikipedia

In 1905, Yara International was founded with the sole intention of putting an end to the severe hunger that was raging throughout Europe at the time.

Since its inception in 1905, Yara International has come a long way to become one of the most reputable fertilizer companies in the world.

Its history dates back to 1905. In addition to providing fertilizers, they also provide crop nutrition programs and technological solutions that are designed to boost agricultural output.

In addition to this, they work to enhance the product’s quality while also ensuring that agricultural practices do not have a negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

As a consequence of this, we may briefly describe Yara’s capabilities as solutions for crop nutrition, solutions for nitrogen application, and solutions for the environment.

Yara International is a holding company that invests in other businesses and is involved in the manufacturing, distribution, and retail sale of nitrogen-based chemicals.

The manufacturing of nitrogen fertilizer, ammonia, urea, specialty mineral fertilizers, and other potash-based fertilizers is the company’s primary field of activity.

Yara is a company that works in three distinct markets: the downstream market, the industrial market, and the upstream market. In addition, the company provides solutions for sustainable agriculture.

When it comes to matters pertaining to agricultural operations, the firm works hard to improve the overall quality of its goods while simultaneously minimizing any negative impact they may have on the surrounding environment.



3.  Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan

POTASH: PotashCorp

Source – Canadian Mining Journal

The three most essential and fundamental nutrients for plants are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, which are abbreviated as NPK.

Potash Corporation is a devoted fertilizer firm that ensures the greatest possible quality of fertilizers, in addition to critical secondary nutrients and other compounds, to boost crop yields in a number of different methods.

A remarkable achievement in its own right, the fact that the company’s Canadian activities account for one-fifth of the world’s total capacity is something that can be said about these operations.

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In addition to countries in South America and Asia, they also provide their services to nations in the Middle East. In recent years, Potash Corporation has played a vital role in improving productivity and, as a result, satisfying the food demands of people all over the globe.



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2.  The Mosaic Company

The Mosaic Company


The Mosaic Company is the most successful organization in the world when it comes to the manufacturing of integrated potash and phosphate, as well as the marketing of these two products.

Over nine thousand individuals are employed by the organization, which has locations in six different nations to ensure the delivery of high-quality items and results.

They mine phosphate rock on property that is owned by Mosaic and is located in the central part of Florida. In addition to this, they own property in North America that was once used for the mining of potash.

The extracted materials are first processed in order to produce crop nutrients, and then they are exported to other regions of the globe where there is a thriving agricultural industry.

The corporation not only owns but also runs mines that produce concentrated mono ammonium phosphate, concentrated diammonium phosphate, and ammoniated phosphate products.

In addition to this, Mosaic markets the potash magnesium products and animal feed additives it produces under the names Biofos, Nexfos, and K-Mag, respectively.

In addition to this, they are the owners of areas in North America from which potash is extracted. After this step, the extracted materials go through processing to produce plant nutrients, and they are then sent around the world to different locations where there are agricultural hubs so that they may be used in crop production.



1.  Agrium




As one of the most important worldwide distributors of fertilizers, Agrium has carved out a niche for itself as one of the most reputable fertilizer companies in the world.

Our over-reliance on fertilizers has been detrimental to the environment because of how important they are to increasing crop yields.

To make things easier to understand, huge amounts of vital and primary fertilizers like nitrogen, phosphate, and potash will be produced and supplied by Agrium as part of the company’s commitment to both production and delivery.

The firm has grown its presence in Australia, as well as in South America and North America, thanks to the high-quality fertilizers and chemicals that it provides.

In addition to this, they provide crop farmers agronomic guidance and application tactics, as well as seeds, and crop protection products including insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, and crop protection items.


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