Top 15 Most Famous Light Houses In The World

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List of Top 15 Most Famous Light House In The World, Lighthouses share not just tales about this place’s friendship with the sea, but also a lot about the history of their region. The architectural structures help you to trace the period in which they were designed, and this makes them a work of art and not only a source of light.

Though designed to lead sailors, they are now emblematic sites for seafaring. With time, lighthouses are both new and technology-friendly, but they are not all as attractive as they were designed in past times.

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Top 15 Most Famous Light Houses In The World

The lighthouse in Kõpu is one of Estonia’s most popular landmarks and tourist attractions. It is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world and since its construction in 1531, it has been used continuously.

The light is marking the Hiiu Shoal and warning ships off the beach. (Estonian: Hiiu Medal, Swedish: Neckmansgrund.) Light can be used from Kõpu Lighthouse up to 26 maritime miles (48 km; 30 mi) away, but the radar light bulb took over its navigational function in 1997.

The lighthouse is located at the top of Torn magi, the highest mountain of Hiiumaa island, at 68 meters. The building’s height is 36 m above sea level, the lights are 102,6 m (337 ft), making the Baltic Sea the brightest coastal light.



Top 15 Most Famous Light Houses

The Nedrick Light Cape is a Cape Neddick, Maine lighthouse. Congress appropriated $15,000 in 1874 to create a “Nubble” light station and work began in 1879.

The United States is dedicated to Cape Neddick Light Station. Operation and launched in 1879. Lighthouse. Today it remains it’s still open for tourists. Since 1837 there have been proposals for a lighthouse on the site.

The tower has a brick lining and cast-iron sheath. It is 41 meters (12 m) in tallness but the light is 88 feet (27 m) above sea level, as the steep rocky islet on which it stands additionally is high. Unusually,4-inch (100 mm) brass replicas of the lighthouse decorate stanchions of the walking railing around the lantern room.



 Most Famous Light Houses In The World

Lighthouse at Lake Erie in Toledo, Ohio, United States is the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse. The light on Turtle Island at the mouth of the Maumee River replaced the lighthouse of 1837. It is an important navigational aid.

The lighthouse is built on a stone crib, a depth of 20 feet (6 meters) east of Toledo, at a radius of 12.5 miles (13.5 km) of the mouths of the Maumee River.

It is approximately 7 miles north of Maumee Bay State Park (11 km). Upon widening and deepening the shipping channel in 1897, shipping traffic rose, the need for a phare appeared. Constructing started when a broad crib, loaded with earth, was sunk by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1901, followed by a concrete base over the water to create an artificial island.


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Top 15 Most Famous Light Houses In The World

Light is located in Crescent City, Calif. It is a historic landmark in California and listed on the National Histories Places Registry as the ‘ Crescent City Lighthouse ‘ Battery Point Light.

It is a historic landmark in Calif. Battery Point Light has set at least two books. Susan Fletcher’s Journey Across theOcean is historical fiction for adolescents in 2001.

Colleen Coble’s Lightkeeper’s Daughter is an exciting story for adults in 2010. The Tim McGraw album music video “Not a Moment Too Soon” also features scenes from Tim next to light on the upper balcony of the lighthouse and scenes from far out from the Battery Point Light.




The remote, rugged tidal island is connected by a small concrete causeway, flooded with the high tides to the mainland on the northern side of Whitley Bay, in the tiny St Mary’s (or Bait) Iceland.

A few miles south of the River Tyne there is another Roman lighthouse. The Souter Lighthouse is now decommissioned and tours are also available. Souter Lighthouse is seen from St Mary’s Lighthouse with a naked eye.

The John Miller Company of Lynemouth designed the Lighthouse in 1898 with its associated guards ‘ cottages of 645 blocks and 750.000 bricks. It was built on the site of a monastic chapel in the 11th century whose moons held a lamp at the tower to alert sailors that the rocks were at risk.



 Famous Light Houses In The World

From Ludington into Lakeshore drive taking Staten-116 motorway north. Continue north to Ludington State Park for 6.5 miles (10.5 km). A vehicle license and a fee are required.

It was founded in 1986 and is operated by the Sable Point Lightkeepers Association. Through restoring light and related structures, the company has played a decisive role. A network of volunteers requires volunteers to live and work for two weeks in the pharmacy.

A waiting list remains for this reason. Tours and festivals are available. The Big Sable Point Light is an eastern shoreline lighthouse in Ludington State Park, along the Ludington River in Mason County, Michigan. It is an effective navigational aid.



Top 15 Most Famous Light Houses

The Pigeon Point Light Station was a lighthouse established on California’s Pacific coast in 1871. It is the highest lighthouse on the west coast of America (connected to Point Arena Light).

This remains an important navigation aid for the Coast Guard. The Light Station is located in the south of Pescadero, California (8 miles) on the Santa Cruz Coast and San Francisco Highways (state road 1).

This white mushroom stack, 115 feet (35 m), looks similar to the traditional structure of New England. Pigeon Point is a popular place to visit thanks to its location and its quick access from the main highway.

Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic Park in California has restored the lighthouse and surrounding properties. The light is also included in the Historic Places National Registry and is listed as a historic landmark for California.

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The Lighthouse Pigeon Point also has an E logo. W. Company of Scripps.


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 Famous Light Houses In The World

The Southeast Light of the Block Island is a lighthouse located in the south-east corner of Mohegan Bluffs, on the Rhône River. It was labeled an American.

The National Historic Landmark was one of the most innovative historical phare of the 19th century in the USA in 1997. The first lens was a Fresnel lens, with four circular wicks to burn lard (pig) grease, about 12 feet (3.7 meters).

In the 1880s, lard oil was substituted for kerosene. In 1929 the lens was adjusted to rotate in a mercury pool initially powered by a mechanism for clockwork replacing a small electric motor.

At the base of the tower, there is a small museum and gift shop. Due to a fee of € 10 as of September 2015, the tower opens during the summer season. Tour money is used to rebuild the lighthouse.



Top 15 Most Famous Light Houses

This is the sixth in the Bodie Island area of North Carolina that was built in 1872 on the outside banks of Bodie Island. It is built on the shore of Roanoke Sound on the first island on the Cape Hatteras National Sea coast, 156 feet (48 meters) wide.

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A couple of miles before Oregon Inlet, the lighthouse is just south of Nags Head. It has been renovated and made publicly available from August 2009 to March 2013. The spiral to the top is 214 steps.

The building of 170 feet is one of the only surviving tall brick tower phares in the United States and one of the few that is equipped with an original Fresnel first-order lens.



Top 15 Most Famous Light Houses

An active lighthouse in Vasto, Italy is Punta Penna Lighthouse. The eighth-largest “ordinary” lighthouse in the world is 70 meters high and the second-highest one in Italy, after the Geneva Lantern. It is also the second-highest lighthouse.

It lies in Via Madonna Della Penna, in Vasto harbor, on a strategically important location. The German military was disbanded and part of the old lighthouse demolished in 1944.

In 1946, rebuilding began under the design of the artist, Olinda Tarcione, which was reopened on 2 May 1948. The withdrawal of the  German army, which had been built in 1906, was restored.



 Famous Light Houses In The World

Lighthouse Sambro Island is a national heritage project on an island adjacent to Sambro, Halifax, in the Haute Harbour, Nova Scotia. Sambro is North America’s oldest lighthouse and is being built.

The lighthouse is situated on the tip of Sambro Island, a half kilometer long. It is situated approximately 6 km (3,7 mi) southwest of Sambro Harbor on the western edge of Halifax Hafen.



Most Famous Light Houses In The World

In the Samuel Cocking garden in the small Enoshima tidal island Fujiyama, Kanagawa, Japan, the Enoshima sea candle is an observation tower and light. The tower has the first floor and the upper deck.

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There are two observation floors. A central lift or winding staircase can enter the main deck, while a second winding staircase is available only to the outside deck. Sea Candle was completed in 2003 to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the Enoshima Electric Railway in 2002. The main lighthouse in 1951 was destroyed to build the Sea Candle.

The lighthouse service ceremony was held on New Year’s Eve 2002 and on 29 April 2003, the observation decks were opened to the public.


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Top 15 Most Famous Light Houses In The World

Hook Lighthouse is an apartment on the Hook Head in Wexford County, Ireland, at the top of the Hook Peninsula. It’s the oldest phare in the world, after the Hercules tower in Spain, and the second oldest operating phare in the world.

It is located at the east entrance to Watford harbor. It is run by the commissaries of Irish Lights, the Irish Lighting Agency. The current building has been in place since 2018 for 846 years. Hook Lighthouse in Ireland is one of the medieval historic interesting examples.



15 Most Famous Light Houses In The World

The lighthouse Start Point was established in 1836 to protect the shipping industry from the starting point at Start Point in the South of Devon. It was available to residents over the summer months and was owned and operated by Trinity House. Start Point is one of James Walker’s twenty-nine buildings.

The lighthouse, with its crenelate parapet, is Gothic in style. The tower is made of ashlar with a copper-dressed cast-iron lamp and a tarred and white-painted granite.

With an insert and pedestal story and two declining levels above it, the large circular tower is 92 feet (28 m) high. On the north and south sides, there are two porches.

The south side of the porch is covered with a four-centered arch hood pattern, whereas there is a Tudor arch at the north door. Each provided Trinity House arms for parapets.



Top 15 Most Famous Light Houses In The World

The light was created by an open oil fire during the first years of operation. The keeper would then continuously have to keep the fire in large cups and operate a bell and foghorn.

The fire was then turned to kerosene and coal. The tower was electrically powered since 1936 and automated in the early nineties. Upon request, light is illuminated by radio signals from ships.

The light signature is a flash of two revolving parabolic reflectors every three seconds. The Lindau Lighthouse on Lake Constance in Lindau is the southernmost lighthouse in Germany. The floor has a land area of 33 m (108 ft) and a depth of 24 meters. Also, it has a façade clock.



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