Top 20 Most Remote Cities in the World

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Lost in the hustle-bustle of the city, don’t we all feel frustrated and exhausted? We feel lonely despite being surrounded by millions of people and fail to get peace in life.

Thus, when we think of having a break. We like to go to a less populated place and gives the sense of a remote place. Many remote and isolated places have been discovered, which can be a good spot for a vacation. Brace yourself for the top 20 most remote cities in the world.


20). Tierra del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego Most Remote Cities in the World

In Spanish, Tierra del Fuego (Fireland in English) is an archipelago located on the southernmost coast of South America.

First discovered by Europeans during Ferdinand Magellan’s journey in 1520, Tierra del Fuego and other similar names are derived from the discovery of local bonfires.

Winds in Tierra del Fuego reach over 97 kph (60mph), causing trees to grow sideways instead of erect. As there are few roads and no trains, residents rely on air services to go to Chile and Argentina. Tierra del Fuego is now home to more than 153,000 people.


19). Funafuti, Tuvalu

Funafuti, Tuvalu Most Remote Cities in the World

In Tuvalu, Funafuti is a tiny atoll and the nation’s capital. A total of 6,320 people live there according to the 2017 census, making it Tuvalu’s most populous atoll, accounting for 60.15 percent of the country’s total population as the most giant lagoon in Tuvalu spans an area of 275 square kilometers (106.2 square miles).

Only approximately 2,000 people visit each year.

No ATMs or credit card machines exist on the island, so it becomes one of the difficulties they face here.

As a poor nation with few resources, the World Health Organization has established that 81 percent of its population over 18 is fat, making it the world’s fifth most obese nation in terms of population size.


18). Kirkenes, Norway

Kirkenes, Norway Most Remote Cities in the World

3500 people live in Kirkenes, a tiny town in the northeastern region of Norway near the Russian border. As far as European towns go, it’s the most distant.

3,529 people live in the 2.14 square kilometer town, with a population density of 1,649 people per square kilometer (4,270/sq mi).

People around Russia and its neighboring towns come to this tiny town to have a beautiful vacation avoiding all the miseries of life.


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17). Urumqi, China

Urumqi, China Most Remote Cities in the World

Urumqi, or Urumchi, was formerly Dehua or Tewa in the far north-west of the People’s Republic of China.

Guinness World Records has acknowledged Urumqi, China’s most interior city, as the world’s most isolated city from any sea. Its name means “beautiful meadow” in Chinese.

Based on population, Ürümqi is the second most populous city in China’s northern interior and the most populous city in Central Asia, which can be a beautiful destination.


16) Changtang, Tibet

Changtang, Tibet Most Remote Cities in the World

Located in western and northern Tibet, the Changtang Plateau extends into southern Ladakh, India. Warm but brief, summers are typical, and thunderstorms, frequently with hail, can come at any point of the year. Despite the latitude, the winters are harsh due to the high altitude.

Tibetan Changtang is also called the Roof of the World because of its high altitude. Changing was home to a half-million nomads in 1989. Most of the year, the ground is unsuitable for farming due to the lack of grass.

Nomads need commerce to exist because they cannot provide any of the items they need to live.


15). Corvo, Azores, Portugal

Corvo, Azores, Portugal Most Remote Cities in the World

This is the smallest and northernmost island in the Azores archipelago and the furthest north in Macaronesia. Roughly 465 people live there, making it the smallest municipality in the Azores and Portugal.

Located on the North American Plate, the island is a popular tourist destination. In addition, the island’s crater, Caldeira, is wonderfully formed, and it has become a popular destination for birdwatchers from all over the world.


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14). Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon, Russia Most Remote Cities in the World

Talking about another coldest place is Oymyakon in Russia. It is located in the Yana-Oymyakon Highlands, along its Indigirka River, 30 kilometers (19 mi) northwest of Tomtor on Kolyma Highway, in the Oymyakonsky District of the Sakha Republic of Russia.

It is also the coldest permanently inhabited community on Earth, based on average winter temperatures.

The average temperature is -58 degrees Celsius during the winter, and the town’s 500 people must endure roughly 21 hours of darkness each day. As a result of the harsh weather, residents subsist on reindeer meat, fish, and seals.

Some even consume their meals completely uncooked and frozen, as well. Do you want to visit this remote place?


13). Falkland Islands, British Overseas Territory

Falkland Islands, British Overseas Territory Most Remote Cities in the World

A group of islands located in the South Atlantic Ocean, the Falkland Islands, is part of the Patagonian Shelf.

There are around 300 miles (483 kilometers) between the southern Patagonian coast and the northern point of the Antarctic Peninsula, at a latitude of approximately 52°S. In addition to being inspired by Hispanic South America, Falkland culture is founded on the cultural traditions of its British immigrants.

Both Teaberry Express and The Penguin News are weekly publications on the islands. There is also tv and radio broadcasting.

“Homemade cakes and biscuits with tea or coffee” is a typical snack between meals. If you want to watch penguins and become part of this beautiful cultural heritage, you must visit this remote island.


12). Tristan da Cunha, Saint Helena

Tristan da Cunha, Saint Helena Most Remote Cities in the World

Tristan da Cunha is often regarded as the world’s most isolated island in the British Overseas Territory. 2800 kilometers (almost 1,700 miles) west of continent African is the island of Mauritius.

The 269 people who call it home rely on the Royal Mail Ship to transport passengers and goods to and from Cape Town in South Africa every three weeks to connect with the outside world.

Because of its dependence on foreign funding, Britain built the island’s first international airport in 2016.


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11). Galápagos Islands

Galápagos Islands Most Remote Cities in the World

The Galápagos Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands located in the Pacific Ocean, on each side of the equator, in the Western Hemisphere.

Charles Darwin examined many indigenous species on the islands, which are located 906 kilometers (563 miles) west of mainland Ecuador.

It was through his observations and collections that Darwin’s hypothesis of evolution by natural selection was born. Today, the Galapagos Islands are home to over 1,500 species, with an average of 27 new ones appearing each year.

Only about 25,000 people live on the island and rely on mainland Ecuador for their supplies. Hundreds of thousands of visitors visit the islands every year, and you want to be among those you definitely need to visit but only be utterly equipped.


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10). Utqiagvik, Alaska

Utqiagvik, Alaska Most Remote Cities in the World

From 1273 until 2021, Utqiavik was known as Barrow, and it is the borough seat and the biggest city on the North Slope Borough in Alaska, United States.

As the northernmost city and town globally, it is also the northernmost in the United States, with Point Barrow being the northernmost land in the United States.

About 4,500 people live in the city, although it does receive a modest number of tourists and other visitors. For this reason, Barrow is considered one of the world’s oldest and most isolated cities.


9). Socotra, Yemen

Socotra, Yemen Most Remote Cities in the World

As the largest of the four Socotra archipelago, Socotra is located between the Guardafui Channel and the Arabian Sea.

The region is located near critical maritime routes, is legally part of Yemen, and has long been a subdivision of the Aden Governorate.

The tropical area is noted for its remoteness and abundance of plant life. According to researchers, more than 300 recorded plant species have been identified in the region, including some found nowhere else in the world.

As a result of these solitary plant types, Socotra was often characterized as having an “alien-like” appearance by the visitors to the area.

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In addition to its UNESCO World Heritage status, the island of Socotra is recognized for its fantastic variety of unique plants and animals.

Socotra’s mushroom-shaped Dragon Blood tree, which exudes crimson sap, is the most distinctive plant species cultivated in the area. It is estimated that around 60 000 people are living on Socotra Island.


8). Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Longyearbyen, Svalbard Most Remote Cities in the World

It’s the world’s northernmost community (with a population of more than 1,000) and the most significant inhabited region of Svalbard, Norway.

There are icebergs and glaciers all around the islands, making it an archipelago in the strictest sense. Any community in Svalbard must be isolated because it is in a distant and difficult-to-reach region, so it’s not unexpected.

About 3,000 people live in Longyearbyen, Svalbard’s capital. Visitor numbers in the town are also high, with many people using it as a base to explore Svalbard and its surroundings.

North of the Arctic Circle, Longyearbyen is the world’s northernmost settlement. Reindeer and polar bears, in particular, can be found in the vicinity. Seals and birds adapted to the cold environment are also found in large numbers in the area.

People in Longyearbyen are most at risk from polar bears since they are known to attack people. Summer is the most popular time to come, as the temperature is milder than in other seasons.


7). Deception Island, Antarctica

Deception Island, Antarctica

Antarctica is considered as the number of isolated places, and among them is Deception Island. There is a significant and secure natural harbor on Deception Island, part of the South Shetland Islands.

A former whaling station, the island is now a famous tourist attraction with over 15000 tourists each year and two scientific research stations from both Argentina and Spain that operate throughout the summer.

As a result, the island is home to many military bases and small towns. On the island, you’ll find the caldera of a volcano that’s still active today. Tourists go to Deception Island to see the chinstrap penguins and to soak in the warm beaches.


6). Iqaluit, Canada

Iqaluit, Canada Most Remote Cities in the World

As the biggest and only city in Nunavut, Iqaluit (literally “place of many fishes”) is the territory’s capital and its largest town. On January 1, 1987, it was renamed to reflect its native Inuktitut name.

It had a population of 7,740 people (population centre: 7,082), up 15.5% from the 2011 census. Iqaluit has the smallest population of any Canadian capital city, despite Nunavut being the country’s biggest territory. Iqalummiut is the name given to the Iqaluit people.

Since the town is tough to get to, there aren’t many visitors or tourists. There is no disputing, however, that the town receives a significant number of visitors. Winters are long and very cold, while summers are brief and brisk in this region.


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5). Yakutsk, Russia

Yakutsk, Russia Most Remote Cities in the World

Called the largest coldest city globally, Yakutsk has also made its name in the remote cities in the world. Although its location has significance, its temperature is its drawback, making it a lonely city in Russia.

Yakutsk is the capital and biggest city of the Sakha Republic, which is approximately 450 kilometers (280 miles) south of the Arctic Circle in Russia.

It is the country’s southernmost metropolis. Averaging 8.8°C (16.2°F), Yakutsk is the world’s oldest big city. Also, Yakutsk is the world’s largest city located under permafrost. On the Lena River, Yakutsk is located in the Central Yakutian Lowlands. You may fly in and out of Yakutsk’s airport as well as Magan Airport.


4). Hanga Roa, Easter Island

Hanga Roa, Easter Island Most Remote Cities in the World

Talking about another isolated and remote place, Easter Island’s capital, Hanga Roa, is the island’s principal town, harbor, and administrative center.

It is located in the lowlands between Terevaka and Rano Kau, on the southernmost portion of the island’s west coast.

The island’s population of 3,304 is 42.63 percent of the total. Due to its small population of about 3,000 people and its isolated location, the economy of this UNESCO World Heritage Site relies heavily on tourism.

On Easter Island, commonly known by its original name Rapa Nui or Rapanui, you’ll find the moai statues that have made it renowned. The aim of the 900 14-ton moai sculptures that ring the island is still a mystery, as is how they were built.


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3). Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland Most Remote Cities in the World

Scoresby Sund, earlier Ittoqqortoormiit, is a village in the Sermersooq municipality in eastern Greenland. There were 345 residents in 2020, making it one of the world’s most isolated towns.

Greenland National Park, the world’s biggest national park, and the world’s most comprehensive fjord system are nearby.

With no restaurants, no Wi-Fi or cellphone signals, and just one guesthouse charging $90 a night, residents of the town expect that tourism will rise substantially in the next few years despite the town’s lack of infrastructure.

The good news is that Icelandic charter planes transport Amazon packages every two months. Whale and polar bear hunting have been a source of income for centuries in the area, and it continues to be so now.


2). Supai, Arizona

Supai, Arizona Most Remote Cities in the World

Supai is a small city, and evidence of it being a remote city is that it’s the only place in the United States where mules are still being used.

Remote enough? Supai, a tiny town in Arizona’s Grand Canyon, is the most isolated community in the lower 48 states, with about 200 people.

CDP had a population of 208 as of the 2010 census; mules still deliver mail in Supai, the capital of the Havasupai Indian Reservation. As a result, getting to Supai might be a real challenge.

A 13-kilometer path is the only way to access Supai because there are no roads. United States Department of Agriculture calls Supai “the most distant town” in the contiguous United States.

In the United States, it’s the only area where mules are still used to deliver mail, much of its food. There are sweltering summers and moderate winters in Supai, with evenings dropping off below freezing on several days.


1). Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands

Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands  Most Remote Cities in the World

Considered the third smallest capital in the world but by population only is on top to be called as the world’s most remote city in the world.

Adamstown is the only one on the Pitcairn Islands and the capital. Only 40 people live in Adamstown – the whole Pitcairn Islands’ population.

All of the other islands in the group are deserted, including the main island. Adamstown is where most of the island’s people live, while food is grown in other regions.

In terms of population, Adamstown is the world’s third-smallest capital by far. A satellite Internet connection and a telephone are available, but ham radio is still the primary means of contact.

From the island’s jetty, the “Hill of Difficulty” leads to the settlement. The Köppen climate classification system classifies Adamstown as having a tropical rainforest climate.

The hamlet has a humid, moderate environment with an average annual rainfall of 1,700 millimeters (67 inches).

Aside from December being the wettest month of the year, temperatures do not change much throughout the year. The only source for people to live there is radio to communicate with each other. Sounds remote, right?



Although there are millions of people around us, we feel alone and unable to find happiness. This is why it’s essential to take a break every now and again.

Whenever possible, we want to visit places that are less crowded and have a sense of remoteness. Untold numbers of distant and isolated locations have been identified that are ideal for a getaway.

But to get there, we’ll need to know all there is to know about the locations we’ll be visiting, and we’ll need to be prepared to fight if any danger arises. We must recognize these wonders of the lord and make them worthy.


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